About Us

Fraternally Yours Inc. began in business about twenty years ago when we realized the need for Masonic Aprons that were better quality than the marketplace was providing. We became partners with a local manufacturer that makes the aprons. Our aprons are made with better satins and hand embroidered designs on the front panel with Gold and Silver Bullion threads. Not machined or mass manufactured. We have enjoyed making custom aprons for our Brothers and Grand Lodges throughout the United States and Canada.

We later expanded the business to include the Order of the Eastern Star in New York State and have also enjoyed many years of working with Grand Chapter and the other local Chapters supplying the regalia needs of our Sisters. We expanded into designing custom jewels for Grand Chapter, pins for other requirements and jewelry.

Since our introduction into New York State Order of the Eastern Star, a fellow brother and sister from New Hampshire brought us into supplying the regalia needs for the General Grand Eastern Star of their state which blossomed into becoming a supplier on a National level.

Continuing forward we were then introduced to the owners of Happy Glass Fraternal Supply in 2018. Happy Glass was approaching 50 years in business as a supplier of Eastern Star regalia, estate jewelry, new gold rings and gift items. As luck would have it the Happy Glass owners were ready to retire, and they saw the business philosophy of Fraternally Yours coincided with how Happy Glass developed and we became the new owners.

Finally, we are a member owned company and look forward to helping and providing you with the best quality merchandise with the best prices and best customer service and not forgetting we are Brothers and Sisters.